Monday, 3 September 2012

Those silent evil daughters, like sirens on the water...

Ahh, long time, no post! D: I'm sorry, life has been craaazy. In a good way though... (Although not a productive one.) Prepare for a longer post than usual to make up for the missed ones, haha.

I missed friday's post cause I was busy with celebrating my birthday; during the day I met up with a friend I haven't seen since last christmas; she bought me a coffee and teddys for my birthday. Love that lady.
Then I had to rush home, get ready and get very drunk. Fun night. :D

Saturday actually was my birthday, so I'm gonna admit, after the friend who stayed over went home I basically sat around doing nothing but eating chocolate. :/
Yesterday I went seeing a friend who's moving across the country for uni, and then that night another friend came round to discuss preparations for todays events... And today, I helped to shoot a music video. It was very messy, pretty damn fun, slightly dangerous and a little bit mental. I'll post more details when I can post the video. :D

Soo, onto the usual post. Not really got much to show, but shooting the video (and not being able to sit down and art properly for a few days) has got me super pumped and inspired, so I'm probably gonna stay up for the rest of the night. For now, have some feets.

Sorry it's a pretty crap image, like I said, not much to show.

I discovered and downloaded Blink 182's newest album the other day, and have been pretty addicted... especially this song. I am in love with the lyrics of this.

That's how it was to all begin, cause good girls, they like to sin,
Way back at the starting line, when Eve was on Adam's mind.
And he was the first to go in search of the great unknown,

And falling yet again, cause good girls, they like to sin.

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