Wednesday, 15 August 2012

And I will remember your name and face, on the day you were judged by the funhouse cast.

Ugh, another 9hr shift at work today... So tired. I was determined not to miss another post so I spent about an hour on this... Which, if you count the amount of times I fell asleep on the desk, is more like about 30 mins. Just sketching it out took waay more attempts than usual.
Think it's best if I come back to this after catching up on sleep... I'll probably end up starting from scratch, tbh. Not happy at all with it.

Been listening to alot of Aesop Rock today; it took me a long time to actually get into Aesop Rock even though I heard alot of good stuff about him, but now I can't get enough. This is one of those rare songs I can listen to over and over, any time, any mood - and I can never skip past it. Just something about that beat.

Now I'm gonna go crash, ready for another 9hr shift tomorrow... ugh. I'll try and post something a little better next time. G'night :)

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