Sunday, 26 August 2012

Keep breaking what's been fixed a thousand times, and gimme some more of that iodine.

 Ugh... Last night was a bit of a disaster. I'm about 90% sure my drink was spiked, cause I didn't drink that much but I can't remember a goddamn thing - I didn't even know how I got home. Woke up covered in cuts, bruises, dirt and puke (Lovely.) Mum found my shoes/phone/stretcher in the garden, and the front door wide open... and my legs are an absolute state.

At least I feel fine now... but still. If your drinks aren't even safe at a family party... :/

Doing lots of portrait practice - the bottom one is a self portrait, and the top three are studies from suicidegirls photos. (Still loving my membership! :D Best impulse buy ever. So worth it.)

Not really had a particular playlist today, just been listening to whatever comes on... which is this at the moment. Discovered Icon for Hire on youtube a couple of months back and been in love ever since.

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