Friday, 10 August 2012

Beautiful and innocent, suitable and militant.

First post!

So the idea with this blog is Im'a post (more or less) daily with a screenshot of whatever art I'm working on that day/night, and whatever music is keeping me company while I draw/paint/whatever... and possibly whatever thoughts are on my brain at that moment too. This way, I get to keep a track of whether I'm actually working... and hopefully it's interesting for you guys too. :') Besides, I like sharing music.

Most posts are probably gonna be in the early hours like this, cause thats when I work most... especially when i dont get home from work till around 1am. -.- Also, future posts will probably be much less wordy and... explainy. :')

Right now, I'm working on an oil paint study of Rogue Suicide... I get so inspired by Suicidegirls, I would really really love a damn membership so I can paint them all goddamn dayyy. (I actually have enough money put away, I'm just a cheapskate who's waiting for the next membership sale. Ohhh.)

And tonights playlist... for the last few days, whenever I sit down to paint, I stick on the same playlist - Sadistik, Grieves and the XX. All soo good... so I'll start off with one of my favourite Sadistik songs. The guy is a lyrical genius, beautiful words, I've never heard anything like him before. So much love.

I've got a bone to pick with all these skeletons in closets, breaking down the barriers, embellishing my losses
And under all the verses, I wonder if it's worth it, and whether it's irrelevant the elements are constant...

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