Friday, 17 August 2012

Bass coming down so hard, that little dress breaking every heart~

Still working on this one... Taking so long! I wanted to finish it last night, goddamnit. It still has detailwork to go... -.- Struggling with the temperature contrasts. Need to studystudystudy.

I don't know if I'll manage a post tomorrow, as I'll have work till midnight and a possible hangover. So my posting will depend on how quickly I can recover from tonight. :') Going out to celebrate a friend finishing all her uni assignments, and me passing Foundation Art and Design with a distinction... Celebrating academic achievement by killing braincells with alcohol. Logic. :D

So since I'm gonna be getting drunk and dancing to crappy pop music, I'll share some with you. Some part of my mind realises this guy makes bad music... but the rest has been secretly addicted to his album for about a fortnight...

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