Monday, 13 August 2012

Though you lost your way, now is not forever.

Ahh, I'm missing posts already! Ahhhh!
I'm failing so badly at life at the moment, aha. I fully intended to post at the usual time last night... Came home from a nine hour shift at work, sat down to eat and then paint... But then my caffeine crash hit, and I ended up passing out for a full eight hours with my light still on, still wearing my work uniform and make up, on top of a pile of ironed clean washing. Oops...

My computer crashed right after I posted last, and I lost everything except the underpainting, so I've more or less had to start from scratch with this... but it's coming along alright, I think.

Aaand since you can already see what I'm listening to in the screen cap, here's the video link. Something a little more rock-y, I guess. :)

Hopefully I'll get another post in tonight to make up for missing yesterday... But if not, we're back on schedule and I'll see you tomorrow! :)

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