Saturday, 25 August 2012

I never found out how she could lie, with a smile on her face and the darkness inside.

Ahh, missed another day! It was another case of going to work on very little sleep, coming home past midnight and passing out in the early hours, I'm afraid. :')
The next two weeks are gonna be hectic as hell... My family birthday party tonight, three shifts which finish at midnight, going out for the last time with a friend who's moving back to America, my own birthday night out, helping to shoot a music video, and a tattoo appointment... whew. :') So I can't promise I'll be able to keep up the daily postage completely, though I'ma try my damndest.
That said, I have the second week off work, so that should take some of the slack off. Guess we'll see.

A colour study I'm working on in between working on the big canvas... Finally treated myself to a Suicidegirls membership! :D So happy... So many well shot pictures of beautiful girls to paint from. Like this one. :)

And I'd had this song in my itunes for a long time, heard it a few times, but never really properly listened to it... Such a sad, beautiful song. I love when I hit that zone when I'm painting that I can really get the music too.

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