Wednesday, 22 August 2012

We've got forever, slipping through our hands...

Wasn't really sure what to post here, cause considering yesterday/today (I don't even know which day is which anymore) was pretty productive, it was all finishing off studies and I didn't wanna post any more studies or any finished work here.
So instead, you get pictures of me preparing up canvas for my next portfolio piece, which I'm really looking forward to working on! It's a painting I've had in mind for years, but never attempted because I knew I wasn't even close to the level I needed to be to do it... I knew I wanted to do it in oils for one, and I hadn't even painted a single stroke at the time.
(I'm also in my pyjamas, and not wearing make-up... or pants. Maybe this wasn't the best idea...)

Last night I was sent some Glitch Mob tracks which I hadn't heard before... I've been addicted to this one, so nice.

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