Saturday, 18 August 2012

I've been through the rain, but I've put other people through a hurricane

Hey, whaddaya know, I feel fine :') And still a few hours art time before I have to get ready for work, score.
Last night was awesome... Until about 4am when my phone got stolen. (Right after I got the number of a really cute guy too, goddammit.) Still a really good night though, and I should be getting a replacement delivered tomorrow, so s'all good :)

Something that isn't studies, for once... really enjoying sketching digitally at the moment, so I've been doing warmups every morning before I start working... this is what i started doodling up this morning. I feel like theres a lot less pressure sketching digitally, more freedom, so fun. :D

That arms gonna be a bitch to draw... Goddamn perspective. Gonna have to pull out the mirror tomorrow.

I never realised how much I listen to rap when I draw until I started this blog. Atmosphere was my starter drug into the sort of indie rap I like to listen to now... I owe so much to Slug, the way he made me think about life and music... Oh man. One thing I love is how much more real and relatable the way he talk about love is. Like, in this one he acknowledges that people are fucked up, and relationships are fucked up, and thats okay... and its way more romantic and sincere to me than most love ballads and songs out right now. Love this song.

I'm not perfect, but I'm this, that and this
My hands are dirty and I'm this, that and this
You've been searching for this, that and this
Let's break the surface and make a little happy mess.

Whoo, goddamn I'm chatty today. Sorry for the overly long postage!

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