Saturday, 11 August 2012

I'm ready to go right now...

Ugh... Too much pizza.

Finished the oil painting from last night... tonight's digital is based off the same kinda colour scheme/lighting, so I can kinda try and apply what I picked up from the study... Trying to use the same process as well, try'na make my digitals more painterly.  Woop.
(You also get to see the reference picture for last nights post too, aha.)

Tonight I haven't technically been listening to music whilst painting, I've been watching the Hellboy documentary; (soo good, man. The amount of passion and work that goes into those movies...) but I can't get enough of this song lately. It's a David So cover of John Legend's Green Light... I don't know what I love more about David So, his hilarious, amazing comedy or his unexpectedly gorgeous voice.

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